The elegance & grace 

of Chambolle-Musigny's

finest wines

The Domain

Chambolle-Musigny embodies the delicacy of the Côte de Nuits' finest red wines. Anne and Hervé Sigaut, in charge of an early 19th century family wine estate, produce some of the most outstanding terroirs of the appellation. Their wines have been unanimously acclaimed for their brightness and purity.

The expression of a terroir

Chambolle, with two "l" as in the French word dentelle (lace). A name which makes any wine lover's ears sing. Few appellations are blessed with such a fascinating identity. And even fewer are cultivated by winemakers as dedicated and talented as Anne and Hervé Sigaut. Fineness, elegance and femininity... The Pinot Noir varietal is at its most refined here : blackberry and violet aromas and a feeling of smooth satin on the palate. The 150+ hectares Domaine Anne and Hervé Sigaut is located in the land of Burgundy's finest red wines, on a narrow strip of vineyards extending from north to south.

Anne et Hervé Sigaut move in sync with their times, without giving in to the sirens' call of so-called modernity that would keep them away from daily interaction with their land, their vineyards and their grapes. You will not find any frivolous equipment in their cellar. To them, the human hand remains the best tool to achieve meticulous, delicate and traditional work.

In the 1950s, Maurice Sigaut bottled his first wines: a Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru Les Sentiers. In the 1970s, his son, Hervé, took over. In more recent years, his wife Anne brought higher standards and extra daily determination. She signed her first vintage in 2004.

The various owners of this estate have always been aware of its unique value: the diversity of its terroirs. Proximity with the land meets with a passion for great wines. The family has shared many important moments around a fine bottle of wine, patiently awaited from the cellar.

These bottles are the results of all year-round meticulous labor in the vineyards. The control of yield knows no bounds. "I cannot stop working until I'm entirely satisfied", Anne Sigaut sums up. Every summer, green harvests, which consists in removing immature grape bunches and thinning the crops, are carried out on each plot of vineyard. A painstaking task only assigned to the female staff. The different generations in charge of the winery never resorted to full weed control. Anne and Hervé Sigaut have stopped using weed killer for a decade.

They don't know any magic formula or revolutionary method. Their creed is simple: constant attention for a mature, well balanced and healthy grape.

Every year, a faithful team of 30 grape pickers harvests the vineyards. First they use a picking bucket, then a box of a small height that some of them carry. This method prevents the grapes from being pressed together. Then, grapes bunches are directly poured onto a vibrating sorting table.

In order to vinify healthy and intact berries, Anne and Hervé Sigaut are advocates for soft de-stemming followed by gravity vatting. This is the best way to preserve the grapes' aromatic potential. "Pinot Noir is a tricky variety which requires the least amount of interference as possible" the winemakers explain. The use of new barrels is parsimonious - around 25% over a long period of time, which allows the various cuvées to slowly reveal the character of each of the Climats.

Finally, the wine is the one who decides when it is ready to be bottled. That is when its aromatic expression has reached its fullest and when its balance is the most harmonious. Then it needs to be kept for at least 5 years in order to reach its fullness.

Many wine aficionados around the world have made the tasty discovery of Anne and Hervé Sigaut's wines. Be it in a great gastronomic restaurant or during a special homemade dinner...

We are pleased to share our passion with you and to help you get acquainted with a great Chambolle-Musigny and the fine wines of the Côte de Nuits. Here, the terroirs are capable of greatness when mankind knows how to enhance them. Discover their tasty secrets with us!

  • Early 19th century
    Early 19th century

    The winery is founded by a family from Morey-Saint-Denis

  • Early 1950s'
    Early 1950s'

    Maurice Sigaut bottles the first wines of the winery. A Chambolle-Musigny premier cru Les Sentiers. The first wines are rapidly exported.

  • 1977

    Hervé Sigaut, Maurice's son, takes over his mother's Andrée vineyards. He creates his first estate of 5 hectares and takes over his father's vineyards later on.

  • 1984

    Anne, Hervé's future wife, decorator and upholsterer in Nancy, participates to her first harvest at the winery.

  • 1994

    The winery takes over a plot of Puligny-Montrachet, its first vineyard in Côte de Beaune.

  • 2004

    Anne vinifies her first vintage and brings great vigor to working the vineyards.

  • 2008

    Hervé officially retires. Not a restful retirement... Anne is in charge of the estate.