1er cru Les Millandes

    • Vintage

      Because of its unusual levels of maturity for Burgundy, the 2018 vintage will undoubtedly be an exceptional one. The wines stand out by their exquisite concentration, softness and beautiful aromatic intensity. Yet, spring that year was a delicate time in the vineyards. Humidity settled in for several long weeks. Finally, around mid-June, the weather turned for the best and brought warmth, sunshine and dry air for a few months. The first sounds of pruning shears at work were heard on August 31st. The grapes harvested were full of sugar and perfectly healthy. Staying attentive was very important to keep the grapes from shriveling. This is essential to preserve the freshness and the aromatic precision that lovers of great pinots noirs from Burgundy are so fond of. During vinification, fermenting was at times hectic and asked for constant vigilance. By the end of vatting, yeast had become slow. This year will be remembered for its singularity and for welcoming Marine Sigaut, Anne and Hervé's daughter, as Head of Export and Communications.

    • Tasting

      Here, the vine stocks yield small, very concentrated grapes. A winemaker's dream. This cuvée is the perfect illustration of the importance of the plant when it comes to wine quality. Dark fruits coulis aromas. Density and harmony both round out the palate. A great pinot noir from Burgandy; complete and deep. A light balsamic aftertaste. Its aging potential, well over a decade, cannot be missed. To pair with tournedos.

    • Terroir

      Located close to the village of Morey-Saint-Denis, this premier cru is considered the most qualitative of the town. It shares a direct line of descent with its neighbor, Clos Saint Denis.

    • Area

      33 acres

    • Average age of vines

      40 years old on average

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