Les Bussières

    • Vintage

      The year 2016 will go down in history in Burgundy, as the vines suffered from very rough spring weather. Thankfully, the warm and sunny summer that followed helped them recover. At the end of April, spring frost damaged a lot of vineyards. Chambolle-Musigny was sadly one of the most damaged wine regions. The following spring months were gloomy and very humid. Luckily, July came with bright sunshine. Because of the successive low yields due to the bad weather, the grapes were very concentrated. Yet, they still managed to reach unexpected ripeness. Akin to 2015 even. The harvest started on September 25th, under a bright sun. Harvesting on a later date than usual helped preserving the freshness of the fruits, while obtaining some cuvées as charming and generous as vintage wines with remarkable maturity.

    • Tasting

      Anne Sigaut takes special care of these ancient vines. Especially because this terroir's potential is closer to one of a premier cru than of a village appellation. Its density requires 30% aging in new barrels. This cuvée features outstanding complexity when it comes to the nose: pepper notes make way for floral aromas reminiscent of blooming roses. On the palate, its lengthy body offers simultaneously fine and dense tannins. Notice a hint of peppermint, which rounds up the palate nicely for a perfect balance. To pair with saddles of rabbit and prunes for example.

    • Terroir

      The climat Les Bussières is located on the northern end of the appellation (beneath the premier cru Sentiers). Incidentally, it shares its name with a neighboring Morey-Saint-Denis premier cru. The land is made of hard soil dating back to the Oligocene.

    • Area

      37 acres

    • Average age of vines

      60 years old on average

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